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Willie White & Wills Canyon Trail | Cloudcroft, NM

As spring temperatures transition to a summer boil, Cloudcroft, New Mexico is a great destination to escape the heat for a variety of outdoor activities. The bonus is great local food, including Dave’s Cafe, Mad Jacks, Cloudcroft Brewing Company, which is always welcomed after a long day in the sun. Located in the Lincoln National

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Sawyers Peak | Southern New Mexico

Fresh mountain air. Stunning panoramic views. Snow AND Sunshine. Located in the Black Range of Southern New Mexico in the Gila National Forest, Crest Trail #79 winds you up Sawyers Peak, 9660ft. The area was subject to severe fires in 2013, otherwise known as Silver Fire. Many trees have fallen and currently block the trail,

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Mine House Spring | Las Cruces, NM

Looking for a quick hike to squeeze into a busy weekend day? Be sure to check this one out then! Located along the western slope of the Organ Mountains, Mine House Spring is a short and thoroughly enjoyable hike. With Hayner Mine approximately 1/2 mile east, it is believed that the home was utilized for

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Kilbourne Hole | Las Cruces, NM

Rising magma. Super-heated water. Steam explosions. Sound exciting? Well venture on over to Kilbourne Hole! Luckily, the danger of these explosions has long passed and this large maar volcanic crater is quite intriguing. At over a mile wide and 300 feet deep, these volcanic features are part of the Potrillo volcanic filed, with great views

Bishop’s Cap & Pyramid Peak | Las Cruces, NM

Located at the southern end of the Organ Mountains, Bishop’s Cap & Pyramid Peak offer a wonderful day outing! With the rock scrambling and increased exposure risk to reach the top of Bishop’s Cap, this hike is for those with experience. Experienced hikers and those in good fitness will find this hike to be easy-to-moderate.

Achenbach Canyon | Las Cruces, NM

Achenbach Canyon is quite honestly a hidden gem of a hike in Las Cruces. I’ve now hiked it twice, doing the “loop version” both times. What awaits you in the canyon is pure bliss! I caught myself questioning whether I was really hiking in Las Cruces, with “lush” green scenery and some fantastic rock formations.

Geronimo’s Cave | Las Cruces, NM

The exposed terrain in southern New Mexico is hot and dry, but don’t let that fool you of what is hidden in plain sight. Below are photos of the infamous Geronimo’s Cave, where Geronimo apparently escaped capture by the U.S. Calvary. While the U.S. Calvary believed there to be only one entrance/exit, they waited for